How to Get from Heraklion Airport to Bali? Taxi, Bus & Car Rental

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How to Get from Heraklion Airport to Bali? Taxi, Bus & Car Rental

Plan this year’s vacation to someplace fun, where you can relax at the beach, drink as much as you want, and party like there is no tomorrow. Do you have any place where you will get all of that? If not then let us tell you that Bali, Greece, has everything a person wants on a vacation. Once a not-so-popular area, today, Bali is one of the most visited places on the planet. People from all over the world visit this beautiful village to spend a good holiday and let go of their worries. There are nightclubs, bars, tavernas, and restaurants, and the beaches with clear water, sunbeds, and water sports are to die for.

But there is a slight inconvenience. There are no international airports in Bali Crete. So, to get to Bali, you will have to land at Heraklion Airport, and from there you are going to catch a ride, it could be a bus, a taxi, or rent a car to get to Bali. Do not worry if you do not know what bus to catch, where the bus stops are, or how much will the taxi cost, we are here to help you get to Bali safely, quickly, and with maximum comfort.

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How do I get from Heraklion Airport to Bali by bus?

Traveling in Greece can be expensive, considering that everything is far, and you cannot just walk from the airport to the towns. So, if you do not wish to spend a lot on commuting, then we suggest that you go to Bali via local KTEL buses. The buses are extremely comfortable and are a convenient way to travel. The bus service has an extremely convenient schedule, and it also operates from 6 am to midnight. Also, the island is filled with bus stops so you can easily catch the bus from almost anywhere.

So, in order to reach Bali from Heraklion Airport, you will need to catch a bus from the bus stop outside the airport. You can buy the ticket from the bus stop or pre-book it online and head to Bali. The Heraklion to Chania bus will drop you off at Bali. A one-way ticket to Bali will cost you around €5, and the journey will be sixty minutes long.

How do I get from Heraklion Airport to Bali by taxi?

A new country opens the gates to a number of new and different adventures. From being on the road to trying new cuisines, everything seems fun and exciting. But it can turn into a dreadful experience if you get lost in an unknown country without any knowledge of where to go or how to speak the local language. So, if you do not wish that your vacation trip turns into a nightmare, we suggest that you book a taxi service for yourself from Heraklion Airport taxi service.

Traveling from Heraklion Airport to Bali by Crete taxi offers a secure and private transportation option. The taxi service at Heraklion Airport ensures a high level of safety and customer satisfaction by exclusively hiring local drivers. Prioritizing the well-being and safety of their passengers, the Heraklion Airport taxi service conducts thorough criminal record checks on all drivers before they are hired.

To arrange your journey, you have the choice of either catching a taxi from outside the airport or making a pre-booking through the official website of the Heraklion Airport taxi service. The approximate duration of the taxi ride from Heraklion Airport to Bali is around forty-five minutes, depending on any additional stops along the way. The fare for this convenient service ranges from €60 to €80, depending on the number of passengers accompanying you.

How do I get from Heraklion Airport to Bali with a rental car?

If you're not controlled by a tight budget, renting a car presents an excellent alternative for traveling from Heraklion Airport to Bali. It allows you to freely explore the roads on your own, making it ideal for those seeking a private and personalized vacation experience. Numerous car rental shops across Crete are readily available to cater to your needs. However, before embarking on your adventure, it is best to educate yourself about Greek traffic regulations to ensure your safety and avoid any potential legal complications.

Renting a car brings forth numerous advantages. It grants you the opportunity to traverse the island at your own pace, accompanied by your family and friends. With the flexibility to make multiple stops whenever desired, you can immerse yourself in various destinations and relish as much time there as you, please.

However, it's essential to acknowledge certain drawbacks as well. Without proper knowledge of the routes, there is a risk of getting lost during your journey. Additionally, it is necessary to have a valid driver's license to avoid any potential complications. Consider these factors when deciding whether to opt for a car rental as your preferred means of transportation, ensuring a well-informed and enjoyable journey throughout your stay in Crete.

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What is the best way to travel from Heraklion Airport to Bali?

A private car is the easiest and more convenient way to travel from Heraklion Airport to Bali. As driving by yourself gives you the freedom to travel on your own terms, you can skip any unnecessary stops and get to your destination quickly or you can also make extra stops at the places you find attractive on your way.

What is the cheapest way to get from Heraklion Airport to Bali?

The cheapest way to get from Heraklion Airport to Bali is through the local KTEL buses. The bus service functions all day but check the schedule to be sure whether it suits your plan or not before you land.

What is the shortest way to get from Heraklion Airport to Bali?

The shortest way to get from Heraklion Airport to Bali is by renting a private transfer or a taxi. The journey by taxi takes approximately 45 minutes. Local transfer options, such as shuttle buses or private cars, are also available at the airport but these services have a long waiting queue.

Can you drop me off directly at my hotel in Bali if I choose a taxi transfer?

Yes, if you choose to take a Crete hotel transfer from Heraklion Airport to Bali, the taxi driver will take you directly to the hotel if you wish. We would suggest that you share your hotel details with the driver so he can put them in the navigation system and get you to the hotel quickly.

How do you pick me up at Heraklion Airport if I choose a taxi transfer?

When you walk out of the airport, a chauffeur will be waiting for you holding a card with your name on it. So, you can easily spot the driver. The driver will then help you with the luggage and ensure that you reach your destination safely.

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