How To Get Around In Sitia?

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How To Get Around In Sitia?

East Crete's largest city, Sitia, was once the ancient city of Itia, where Mison, one of the seven wise men of antiquity, was born. Located 69 kilometres (43 miles) east of Agios Nikolaos, it is one of Lassithi's friendliest and most beautiful villages. The town of Sitia is one of the rare locations on earth where myth and nature have been skillfully combined, giving it a magnificent, immaculate, and pleasant atmosphere.

Where Is Sitia?

Sitia is located 70 kilometres (km) to the east of Agios Nikolaos and 130 kilometres (km) to the east of Heraklion. If you're having trouble locating it on a map, its coordinates are 35.2087° N and 26.1052° E.

Where To Stay Near Sitia?

If you plan on visiting Sitia and staying there, there is no better area to find accommodation than the bay area. Here, you will have numerous accommodation options to choose from, including expensive hotels, affordable rooms, and apartments for your family. Apart from that, this area is very close to the city centre, and you can go there on foot. In addition to this, there are many restaurants and tavernas nearby, making your stay even better.  

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Transportation In Sitia

While it's always great to walk around Sitia town when you wish to explore the city, this does not mean that there aren't transportation options. You can choose from public buses, taxis, and of course, car rentals.

Local Bus Network

The well-run bus service in Sitia transports thousands of visitors and locals every year to the most breathtaking tourist locations both inside and around the little town. By taking this bus service, you may travel both inside the municipal borders and to the nearby communities. The bus rides are extremely affordable and cover almost every place you could have on your itinerary. Sitia's bus service also connects it to other major Crete cities like Heraklion and Chania.


If you prefer taking a metro, you're not going to be happy with the fact that Sitia does not have a metro or a subway. However, this does not mean there aren't other equally convenient options, which is why this has never really been a big issue.


If you want to travel but have a tight budget, then taking the bus is probably your best option. However, if you're willing to spend a little extra on your comfort and convenience, then you can always take a taxi. You won't have trouble finding one since they are readily available at all main locations. Apart from that, you can also call and book one with any local taxi service provider. With Best Crete Transfer, you can get this comfort at a very reasonable cost. If you are traveling from Sitia to Heraklion airport, you will only have to pay €145 for a standard car. Similarly, going from Sitia to Chania airport will cost you €378 for a superior SUV transfer, which is pretty reasonable considering the distance. If you are going from Sitia town to Sitia airport the transfer will cost just €24 euro.

Is There An App For Taxi In Sitia?

While the rest of the world has taxi applications like Uber or Lyft, Sitia, unfortunately, does not. But this does not mean that your trip is ruined because of transportation issues because the town has several other transportation options like local taxis, public buses, and rental cars.

Airport Transfers To Sitia

The single airport in East Crete, JSH, is located near the seaside town. It gets a modest number of domestic flights from Athens, Alexandroupolis, Preveza, Zakynthos, Lefkada, and other locations in Greece. JSH is the smallest airport on the island. However, if you are coming from any other location, you will have to take a flight to Heraklion and then reach Sitia by road. Although you can take a bus, we recommend taking a Crete Taxi service like Best Crete Transfer, which will bring you to Sitia.

How To Get From Heraklion Airport To Sitia?

People who visit Sitia prefer to come here from Heraklion. You have the option of coming by renting a car, taking a bus, or hiring a taxi. If you decide to take a bus, the travel time might take up to three hours, depending on the route taken. There are at least three buses that travel the Heraklion-Sitia route daily. The price of this journey by bus is around €15 per person. The KTEL website has further information. You will see some amazing coastal scenery over the entire trip, especially once you pass by the Malia region.

Getting a private transfer from Heraklion Airport to Sitia is unquestionably the finest option to consider. Choosing a private transfer gets you to your location faster than using public transportation. This is a far more convenient alternative because the driver will be waiting for you at the airport before you arrive and you won't have to worry about carrying your luggage.

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How To Get From Chania Airport To Sitia?

We always recommend taking a taxi or a private transfer if you are traveling from Chania airport to Sitia. Why? The answer is simple. Despite being easy on your pocket, public transport comes with its own problems. However, when you take a taxi or private transfer from Chania airport to Sitia, you'll help yourself save a lot of valuable vacation time. Plus, you won't be exhausted by the time you reach Sitia. Imagine arriving at such a beautiful place and falling asleep right away. We're pretty sure taking a taxi or private transfer is a much better option!

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How To Get From Sitia Airport To Sitia Town?

Sitia airport is about 10 kilometres away from Sitia town. A taxi ride from the airport to the town center costs around 25 euros. With our experienced drivers, you can sit back and relax. We'll get you from Sitia to Sitia Airport on time and help with any luggage. We know the area well, so we can avoid any traffic hot spots.

Car Rental

There is something about driving your car through an island as beautiful as Crete. You get to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, travel at your own pace, and stop wherever you want. But what if you don't have a car with you on your vacation? This is nothing to worry about since you have the option of renting a car from one of the many rental car agencies in Crete. All you have to do is make sure you have a credit card and a valid driver's licence since this is one of their basic requirements.

Parking In Sitia

Sitia has many parking spots, most of which are often easily accessible. As a result, renting a car becomes a highly viable option since you won't have to worry about where you will park your car. One of the most common places to park in Sitia is Parking Lidl, which has ample space, a lot of shade for the cars, and a great view as well. Another parking space is Parking ενορίας Κρυονερίου that also has a nice view and is quiet as well. 

Private Transfer Or Taxi?

Imagine getting off your aeroplane after a long journey and having to find a taxi at the airport. Sometimes, especially during peak season, this might be more difficult than you would expect. Plus, what if your flight lands at an odd time and it becomes even harder? To avoid situations like these, it is a better idea to go for a private transfer instead. This way, you will not have to worry about any last-minute inconvenience. Instead, your driver will be waiting for you at the airport before you even land. Your entire journey will be safe, reliable, and of course, comfortable.

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