How To Get From Heraklion Airport To Agia Pelagia

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How To Get From Heraklion Airport To Agia Pelagia

Located 31km west of Heraklion, Agia Pelagia is a mesmerising seaside fishing village surrounded by beautiful beaches. In older times, Agia Pelagia was used by Achlada village for crop cultivation; today, this city bustles with tourists and travellers. The main beach has calm waters and offers a soothing place for tourists and visitors to relax. Since the beach has evolved into a full-fledged tourist destination, it has an array of water sports, food, and accommodation options.

What Is The Best Way To Get From Heraklion Airport To Agia Pelagia?

If you are travelling from Heraklion airport to Agia Pelagia, you might want to consider a taxi or private transfer. The distance from the airport to Agia Pelagia is 25km which would take you approximately 28 minutes to reach. Choosing a taxi or a private transfer would save a lot of time and hassle associated with bus travel. No doubt, travelling with the bus will cost you less, but be prepared to change the bus line because there is no direct line for Agia Pelagia.

How Do I Get From Heraklion Airport To Agia Pelagia By Bus? 

Before opting for a bus to travel, first, you will have to take a ticket from Heraklion bus Station A to Agia Pelagia. From Monday to Sunday, three KTEL buses travel from the airport to the seaside village at 9:00, 10:30, and 14:30. However, if you have planned a short trip to the Island, then wasting your time on bus commutes would not be wise. You might want to pick out a more efficient and time-friendly option, such as a taxi or a private transfer. 

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How much does it cost to get from Heraklion Airport to Agia Pelagia by bus?

The trip will cost you around €3.80, which is great news for people travelling on a budget and aiming for a low-cost trip.

How Do I Get From Heraklion Airport To Agia Pelagia By Taxi?

Having a taxi to travel in could be one of the best decisions to take while travelling from Heraklion Airport to Agia Pelagia. The reasons could be many, but the comfort of a pre-booked taxi waiting for you when your plane lands at the airport is unmatched. Apart from that, our Crete Taxi service provide top-notch and variety of premium services. Our polite drivers, with their welcoming aura, will make your journey relaxing. Booking your taxi would save the hassle and time consumed in public transport. For your ease, our drivers will meet you at the flight arrivals, holding a sign with your name.

Agia Pelagia Sunset 

What is the cost of a taxi transfer from Heraklion Airport to Agia Pelagia? 

An economy car will cost you approximately 35.20€ and will accommodate 1-4 Passengers, while a premium car can cost you up to 38.50€. The bright side of using our Heraklion taxi service is that if you change your mind and want to cancel your booking, you would not have to pay any cancellation fee or charges, something many taxi services do not allow. Apart from that, with our professional drivers and their amicable personalities, your journey will be extremely enjoyable. The best way to view the scenic beauty of Agia Pelagia has to be commuting by car. Public transport does not allow much liberty, and you would have to stick with bus schedules and arrival timings. Hailing a taxi would provide flexibility and access to areas where bus service does not reach.

Get To Agia Pelagia With A Car Rental

Another option for travelling in a car is via a car rental service. It also allows pre-booking and gives you the freedom to pick your itinerary and route. However, it is a more expensive option and would require a driver’s licence and credit cards for payments. So, it could prove to be too much of a hassle on a trip where you just wanted to relax. 


How long does it take to get from Heraklion Airport to a hotel in Agia Pelagia?

The distance from the airport to Agia Pelagia is 25km which would take you approximately 28 minutes to reach with moderate traffic. The exact time depends on the location of your hotel in Agia Pelagia. But a taxi would cut your travel time to half than the time needed to get there by bus.

Can I order a taxi from the Heraklion Airport with a child seat?

Yes, you can have a child seat after paying an additional sum to our taxi services.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your booking anytime without having to worry about the cancellation fee. It is free of cost. However, you should cancel your reservation 24 hours prior to the actual day of travel.

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