Is Lyft available in Heraklion?

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Is Lyft available in Heraklion?

In our world today, transportation applications have started hitting the market. With over thousands of people traveling to and from different areas, these apps are quite useful. Lyft is one of these many transportation applications that have been of great assistance to people. The app allows you to request a ride with the click of a button and get picked up by a nearby driver.

Some applications that are similar to Lyft are Uber, Gett and Juno. All of these apps are commonly used in many parts of the world including USA. However, when it comes to Heraklion, can the same be said?
The answer to this question is answered below!

Does Heraklion Use Lyft?

If you're wondering if Lyft is available in Heraklion, the answer is simply no. Heraklion, being one of the largest cities on the island of Crete, does not have Lyft as an option for people to use when traveling around the area. This is quite unfortunate because there are many individuals who would find it very useful. With thousands of tourists visiting the city every year, it may be something that the city and its residents would benefit from having.

There are, however, some other transportation apps and options available in Heraklion. These include taxis, buses, private transfers and rental cars.

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Private Car Transfers in Heraklion

If you just want to sit back and relax while someone else does the driving, you can always book a private transfer. This is a great option if you're traveling with a group of people or have a lot of luggage. With a private transfer, you'll be picked up at the airport or port and taken to your destination in comfort and style. You no longer have to deal with navigating the city by yourself or trying to find a taxi.

To book your private transfer in Heraklion today, visit our website for more information. We have excellent rates and professional drivers who are ready to take you wherever you need to go in Heraklion!

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Riding a Taxi in Heraklion

As with any other city in Crete, taxis are a popular form of transportation in Heraklion. You can find taxis all around the city and they are relatively easy to hail. If you're looking to take a taxi, it's best to try and find one that is parked in a designated taxi stand. These are usually located near busy areas such as the airport, port, or major hotels.

Taxis in Heraklion are metered, so depending on how far you're going, the price will differ. For those who don't plan on traveling around Heraklion, taking a taxi might be a good option.

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Heraklion Bus System

The Heraklion bus system is another great way to get around the city. The buses run frequently and can take you to most places in the city. Plus, they're very affordable too so if you're on a budget, taking a bus may be an option.

If you're looking to take a bus, there are two main bus stations in Heraklion: the Central Bus Station A and B.

Heraklion Bus Station is located near is located nearby Heraklion Port and offers rides to:

Agia Pelagia, Agios Nikolaos, Heraklion Airport, Archanes, Chania, Gournia, Hersonissos, Kastelli, Ierapetra, Istron, Lassithi Plateau, Malia, Milatos, Sitia, Rethymno, Sfakia, Sissi, Stalis / Stalida, Vrysses (and places in between)

Heraklion Bus Station B is found at Hanioporta (part of the old city walls, at the beginning of 62 Martyrs street) and offers rides to:

Zaros, Agia Galini, Anogia, Matala, Mires, Phaestos (and places in between).