Is public transport in Crete good?

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Is public transport in Crete good?

When you visit Crete, knowing your transportation options is important. Doing so will help you plan your vacation and budget your expenses. There are several public transportation options in Crete and the most common ones are taxis and public buses. There are also car transfers if you prefer something more private.

Below, you'll find information on each of these options as well as the answer to whether or not public transportation in Crete is good.

Public transport in Chania

Taxis, public buses and airport transfers are all available in Chania. Chania's KTEL bus service transfers locals and visitors throughout the year to different places of interest, inside and outside the city. The Chania Central Bus Station is located in the very center of the city, where Kelaidi and Kydonias street meet. You can buy tickets at kiosks before boarding the bus. One ticket costs around €1.10 to €5.00, depending on the distance.

One-way bus tickets from Chania to other regions

  • Chania to Rethymno: €6.80
  • Chania to Heraklion: 15.10
  • Chania to Elafonisi: €11.00
  • Chania to Paleochora: €8.30
  • Chania to Omalos: €7.50

Buses run from 6.30 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. every day. Public buses in Chania are clean, comfortable and air-conditioned, making them a good transportation option. The service is reliable, although there may be some delays during rush hour or on weekends.

If you prefer taking a taxi, you can find one almost anywhere in Chania. There is also a taxi rank outside Chania Airport’s arrivals area where drivers can take you directly to your hotel. The cost for a taxi ride will depend on several factors such as traffic conditions and time of day. However, taxis in Chania are metered, so you won’t worry about being overcharged. 

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Public transport in Heraklion

Local buses in Heraklion cover routes within the city and nearby villages. On the other hand, KTEL buses link Heraklion with Chania, Lassithi and Rethymnon. 

Heraklion has two main bus stations. Bus Station A is found in the center of the city, near the Heraklion port. You can catch a ride to reach major locations on the island such as: 

  • Chania
  • Rethymno
  • Agia Pelagia
  • Agios Nikolaos
  • Hersonissos
  • Kastelli
  • Ierapetra

Next to Heraklion KTEL Bus Station A is Heraklion’s local bus station. This is where you catch a ride to travel around the city. 

Bus Station B is located in Hanioporta at the start  of 62 Martyrs street. Bus Station B operates to less known destinations such as: 

  • Zaros
  • Agia Galini
  • Anogia
  • Rogdia

Public buses in Heraklion operate from early in the morning (6:30 am) to late evening (11:30 pm) on a half hourly basis for most destinations. Ticket price for local travel varies but you can expect to pay around €1.10 to €5.00. 

Just like Chania, taxis aren’t hard to find in Heraklion. When you arrive at Heraklion Airport, you can get a taxi right outside the arrivals area. Taxis in Heraklion are comfortable and clean. They are metered, too, so you can easily track the cost for your trip.  

Public transport in Rethymno

The bus station of Rethymno is located

in Leof. Emmanouil Kefalogianni, Rethymno. Rethymno Central Bus Station covers routes to both local destinations within the city and other major regions on the island. Just like Heraklion and Chania bus stations, public buses operate from early morning to late evening.

Rethymno Bus Station timetable and ticket prices can be found on the Rethymno KTEL website. Tickets cost around €1.10 to €5.00, depending on the distance. Ticket price for trips to the south costs around €4-10. 

Taking a taxi in Rethymno is anothet option you may go for. There are many taxis in Rethymno’s center as well as other nearby areas. As with Chania anf Heraklion, taxis in Rethymno are metered. 

Transport in Crete 

Cars, taxis and public buses are the main mode of transportation in Crete. The public bus system is reliable and efficient, making it a good option for getting around the island. Taxis are also available throughout the major cities in Crete, so finding one should not be a problem. However, take note that the cost for a taxi might be more expensive than taking a public bus, depending on your destination. 

You can also book transfers in Crete if you don't want to use public transportation. Cars are the best way to explore Crete at your own pace. 

If you arrive at one of Crete’s airports, knowing what your transportation options are is important to guarantee a smooth and safe journey to your hotel. 

How many airports are in Crete?

There are 3 airports in Crete, Heraklion Airport, Chania Airport, and Sitia Airport. Local and international flights arrive and depart from these airports daily. 

Heraklion Airport, the largest airport in the island, is located 3 miles (4.83km) away from the city center of Heraklion. It offers international flights, including domestic flights to Athens and Thessaloniki. It also offers trips to Rhodes, Kos, and other Greek islands. 

Chania Airport is the second-largest airport on the island. The airport is 14 kilometers from the city of Chania and just a few miles away from Falassarna Beach and Balos Lagoon. Chania Airport provides flights to many destinations all over Greece and Europe. Domestic flights (to Athens and Thessaloniki) operate all year around. 

Sitia Airport is the smallest of the three airports in Crete. It's found in the east of the island and about 1 kilometer from the city of Sitia. Only local flights are offered by this airport. 

Transport from Chania airport

Taxis outside the arrivals area are available to take you to your hotel or destination. One the other hand, you can also take the bus. Chania’s KTEL Bus Station connects Chania Town, Souda, and Rethymno by regular bus services. The bus' starting point is located between the arrivals and departures buildings.

If you prefer something quicker and  private, booking a Chania airport transfer is a good option. A professional driver will be waiting for you outside the arrivals area and will take you to your destination. This is also a good option if you're traveling with a lot of luggage or with young children 

Transport from Heraklion airport

If you're arriving at Heraklion airport, you can take the bus or a taxi to your destination. A Taxi rank can be found outside the arrivals area. The bus station, on the other hand, is located outside the airport, on the central road on your left. 

After a long flight, finding public transportation is tiring. You’ll need to deal with long lines for bus tickets or busy queues for a taxi ride. As such, an airport transfer is a good option. 

Booking a Heraklion airport transfer is also a convenient option. Private transfers allow you to avoid the hassle of public transportation and long taxi queues. 

How to get around Crete

Getting around Crete is easy and there are a variety of transportation options to choose from, depending on your budget and preference. You can take the bus, rent a car, ride a taxi or book a private transfer.

Each option offers a different kind of experience, so it's important to choose the one that best suits your needs. If you're traveling on a tight budget, taking the bus is a good option. But if you want more convenience and comfort, booking a private transfer is the way to go.

Are taxis expensive in Crete?

Taxis in Crete are not expensive as long as you pre book them online. They can be considered a very convenient transportation option. 

In the city of Chania, a taxi ride starts with an average of 3€ and may reach up to 29€, depending on how far your destination is. 

Heraklion, on the other hand, starts with an average of 3.50€ and may reach up to 47.50€ if you travel to far villages. 

However, the cost still depends on the distance of your destination and the time of day. Taxis in Crete are metered so, you don't have to haggle with the driver over the price.

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