Transportation and Accessible Vacations In Crete

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Transportation and Accessible Vacations In Crete

We all need a vacation once in a while, and one of the best places to visit is the Island of Crete. However, if you are disabled or are travelling with a disabled person, vacation planning might always make you anxious about not knowing what to expect when it comes to accessibility. Here, we have a detailed guide on everything you need to know about your accessible vacation in Crete.

Disabled Friendly Hotels In Crete

There are many hotels in Crete that are designed to make sure that disabled individuals enjoy their vacations equally as much as everyone else. One of the most prominent is the Creta Maris Beach Resort, which is a fusion of luxury and tradition on a stunning beach with sparkling seas where visitors may encounter true Cretan hospitality. Every corridor and path in the resort is designed to accommodate guests with mobility issues, including all restaurants and bars. This means that for every path that has steps, there is also a path with ramps that can be used as a backup, making the resort accessible to guests with physical limitations. The personnel in the lobby are always available to help disabled visitors use the club vehicles to get about the resort. The resort is easily accessible through elevators, and there are rooms designed specifically for disabled individuals as well. 


Another well-known hotel in Chania, Aksos Suites, is an accessible hotel that was developed with persons with special needs and mobility issues in mind. The hotel offers vacations to families with wheelchair users that are secure, comfortable, and wheelchair accessible. The apartments are created to provide the ideal balance of accessibility and leisure. The area is perfect for family vacations, for those with disabilities, and for kids of all ages.

When you are in Crete, the Magda hotel is another great option for accommodation if you are travelling with a disabled individual. The beautiful boutique hotel in the Gouves village provides good accessibility for travellers with disabilities. The accessible rooms are on the ground level and offer a flat-floor shower with a shower stool and grab rails. Since the majority of the site is level, wheelchair users should definitely choose the hotel.

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Wheelchair Accessible City Tours

Here at Best Crete Transfer, we have special vehicles available for disabled persons, allowing them to enjoy the following city tours around Crete:

  1. Knossos, Museum, Heraklion City Highlights

On this tour, you will be picked up from your hotel and get the chance to visit Knossos Palace, Heraklion Archeological Museum, and Heraklion City Centre, after which you will be dropped off back at your hotel. 

  1. Rethymno Highlights

You will be picked up from your hotel and start your trip with a visit to the monastery of Arkadi. You will continue with the visit of Rethymno, Rethymno's harbour area, and The Fortezza (fortress), after which you will be dropped off back at your hotel.

  1. Chania Old Town Highlights

This tour will include only a visit to the Chania old town city centre, where you can spend the entire day witnessing the beauty of the area and shopping. Like all other tours, in this, you will also be picked up and dropped off from your hotel.

  1. South Crete Adventure

After being picked up from your hotel in Heraklion, this tour will take you on a visit to Phaistos Palace, Gortys Archeological Site, and Matala Town, where you will get the chance to explore the area and do some shopping. In the end, you will be dropped off back at your hotel.

  1. Authentic Lassithi Plateau

This tour includes hotel pickup and drop-off from Heraklion, as well as visits to Lassithi Plateau and Kritsa Town. 

  1. Cretan Wineries Tour

If you’re interested in visiting different wineries around Crete, this is the tour for you. You will be picked up from your hotel in Heraklion and get the chance to explore many different wineries. In the end, you will conveniently be dropped off back at your hotel. 

  1. Elafonissi Beach Day Trip

This tour includes a daily excursion to Elafonissi, 75 km southwest of Chania that will allow you to explore the island and enjoy your time at the beach. Like all other tours, this includes hotel pickup and drop-off as well. 

Accessible Crete Airports Transfers

It may be quite difficult to travel with a disabled person, particularly when it comes to transportation. Getting a bus or a cab from the airport would require standing in line for extended periods of time, manoeuvring through stairs, and attempting to keep up with a hectic schedule. Thankfully, individuals with disabilities that are travelling to Crete have a better and more practical choice. 


At Best Crete Transfer, we have a range of wheelchair-accessible vehicles for the elderly or those with restricted mobility, continuously striving to raise the standard of our services. Apart from customised vehicles, our drivers can also make your journey easy as they are always there to assist you from the arrivals area of the airport to the doors of your hotel. Book one on this page now.

Fleet Of Adapted Vehicles

Our fleet of adapted vehicles is made up of the Mercedes Vito vans, which is the perfect choice for disabled individuals. The wheelchair modification is of the highest quality, as is the vehicle. The vehicle is not only convenient to travel but also simple to operate. All of the passengers have plenty of room, and the wheelchair user has far more space than in a typical conversion van. Due to the high roof and ramp's smooth 11-degree inclination, entering the Mercedes Vito is relatively simple. The wheelchair-accessible van is ideal for use by the elderly since the wheelchair ramp may be handled with even less effort when the optional gas spring is used.

Airport To Hotel Transfers In Crete

It might be challenging to go from the airport to your hotel, particularly if you have limited mobility. Although it is an option, taking a bus or taxi might be time-consuming and exhausting for you. Plus, the chances of finding something accessible are very limited. Booking a Crete Hotel transfer with Best Transfer Crete is one of the best ways to go from the airport to your hotel. 

Accessible Restaurants

One of the biggest worries for customers with special requirements may be that restaurants in the area they are travelling to might not be accessible. This could cause disabled customers and those accompanying them undue frustration. Many actions that appear simple to others, like locating the toilet, entering the dining room, or even just being able to read the menu, pose significant difficulties for many disabled customers. Lack of accessibility detracts from both the experience of the visitor and their friends and family who are dining with them. 

Fortunately, many restaurants all over Crete cater to this requirement, allowing everyone to fully enjoy their culinary experiences. They have made particular operational adjustments that guarantee that disabled individuals do not have to compromise their vacation.

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