How To Decide What Type Transfer I Need For My Crete Vacation

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How To Decide What Type Transfer I Need For My Crete Vacation

Being a famous tourist destination, there are several options in Crete when it comes to the type of transfer you take.

From taking public buses to renting a car and even hiring private transfer services, you can choose between numerous options based on your purpose of travel, group size, and of course, budget. In this article, we will help you find out which type of transfer would suit you during your Crete vacation.

How Many People Will Be Travelling?

One very important aspect in deciding the type of transfer you choose is the number of people that will be travelling. As the size of the group gets larger, your choice should change accordingly. If you are a solo traveller, it would only make sense to take the bus or train since all you need is a single seat. If you are travelling in a small group of up to four people, hiring a taxi or renting a car would be a better idea, instead of getting four seats in a bus.

Once your group exceeds four people, you might as well hire a minivan, which would make more sense than hiring two or more taxis. The number of seats varies according to the type of minivan you hire. But nonetheless, this is a suitable option for a group of up to 18 people.

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How Long Is The Route In Crete?

On average, if you drive non-stop from the extreme east to the west of Crete, it would take you approximately five to six hours. However, this is not enough to understand the entire route in Crete since it can vary depending on many factors. This includes the different places you decide to stop, the route you actually take, and of course, how long you stop at each place.

Are You Travelling With Kids?

While Crete has an extensive bus network throughout the entire island which is often preferred by tourists, things become different when you are travelling with kids. The better option for getting around Heraklion or Chania is by using taxi services. This allows you to travel privately and make sure that your child is not disturbed by the crowd on public transport. By booking a private transfer, you get the privilege of stopping wherever you want which is needed more when you have children with you.

Are You Travelling With A Handicapped?

It may be quite difficult to travel with a disabled person, particularly when it comes to transportation. Getting the bus or a taxi would require standing in line for extended periods of time, having to worry about stairs, and attempting to keep up with a hectic schedule. If you are travelling with a handicapped person, there are better and more practical choices.

Many transfer companies in Crete like Best Crete Transfer offer wheelchair-accessible vehicles for the handicapped or people with limited mobility. Not only do these vehicles have ramps, but the drivers are always ready to lend a helping hand and take care of luggage as well.

Are You Travelling For Work?

Not everyone who travels to Crete does so for fun, and a lot of people visit the island for business as well. It would be a good idea to avoid using public transportation if you're on your way to an important meeting or conference. There are several private companies that provide business transport services. You won't have to be concerned about other passengers or being pushed into a corner of the bus this way. Additionally, waiting in line for a cab or bus may be really annoying because you will probably be in a hurry and never know how long you might have to wait. All of that trouble may be avoided with a business transfer, providing you the additional time you need to prepare for that important meeting of yours.

Are You Travelling For A Wedding?

Having their wedding in Crete could be the dream of someone’s life. However, this dream could quickly turn into a nightmare if proper arrangements have not been made for the transport. Hiring a private transfer for the bride, groom, and even the guests at a wedding would be the right call. You will be able to travel with comfort and luxury, simultaneously avoiding the uncertainty that is associated with travelling on public transport. And while many people may think this might be expensive, it is a better option in the long run since it will let you know beforehand about the money you are spending and help you plan your budget accordingly.

What Is Your Budget?

The type of transfer you choose for your Crete vacation is greatly dependent on your budget. While taking a taxi is a good solution for last-minute travel plans, this mode of transport would prove to be very expensive for the entire vacation. When you are planning your trip in advance, remember that your two main options are either renting a car if you have a bigger budget, or taking the bus, if you don’t mind a little bit of hassle.

What Is The Cheapest Way?

The bus system in Crete is by far the most affordable method of transportation! Not only buses link the major cities, but also the little coastal towns. Bus travel is reasonably priced too. The majority of trips will only set you back a few euros, while lengthy, multi-hour trips cost you between 10 and 15 euros.

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What Time Does Your Flight arrive?

Imagine landing at the airport and expecting a public bus to be there to take you to your hotel, but later finding out that the bus does not run at this time? You do not need to worry, since you can hire a private transfer or take a taxi around the clock.

Do Buses Run On This Time?

If you are arriving at Heraklion Airport, a bus service runs every ten to fifteen minutes that will take you to the city center. However, if you plan on taking the bus, remember that the time for these buses is between 6:00 am and 12:00 am. So if you arrive between midnight and six in the morning, you should make an alternative arrangement like a private transfer.

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Private Transfer Or Taxi? 

While opting for a taxi may at times be a nice experience, scheduling a private airport transfer ahead of time guarantees that your ground transportation will be a safe, pleasant, and straightforward experience. If you choose to take a taxi directly at the airport, you may be subject to increased fares and communication difficulties. In addition, you'll be up against other travellers looking for last-minute transportation. Booking your airport transfer in Crete in advance ensures complete pricing transparency, a simple pick-up process, and a secure ride.