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Elounda Village is a charming Greek resort situated in the Mirabello bay, featuring stunning waterfront, numerous villas, restaurants, and sights of interest.

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It came a long way from its humble beginnings as a sleepy fishing village to hosting high-class clientele — it is said that it has the most five-star hotels — in the entire Greece. The breathtaking nature and clear blue sea elevated it to a premium tourist destination for visitors craving peace and quiet in an exquisite setting.

68 kilometers (roughly 53 minutes) away from Cretan capital Heraklion's hustle and bustle, and 214 km (a bit under 3 hours) away from the tourist hot-spot Chania, Elounda provides ultimate tranquillity, relaxation, and comfort. Heraklion and Chania airports are brimming with visitors year-round, so getting a driver who will take you to Elounda can be tricky.

Sadly, there are no direct bus lines from Heraklion or Chania to Elounda, which means that using public transportation means changing buses. Perhaps you decide to go for a car hire or to grab a taxi on the spot. The experience of dealing with other annoyed visitors, standing in endless queues, while dragging your luggage can be overwhelming. There is no need for your Cretan adventure to start like this.

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Elounda is a different, more slow-paced Crete, featuring peaceful bays, fishing villages, and intact islands. It’s reminiscent of the times long gone and the Mediterranean as it used to be.

Elounda Taxi Prices

Destination Price Time Distance  
  Heraklion Airport (HER)€7460 min67.4 km
  Chania Airport (CHQ)€275187 min215 km
  Heraklion Port€7267 min70.8 km
  Heraklion Town€7268 min71.4 km
  Souda Port€0170 min200 km

Places of Interest

Sunken City of Olous

Ready for your big adventure? Discover the secrets of Crete’s ancient sunken city. You can marvel at the remains of the stone buildings, including off the old bridge. Especially intriguing are the mosaic floors depicting fish and birds from the times long gone, when Olous was still standing proudly on the land.

Elounda Crete

The history of Olous dates all the way back from the Minoan era. In ancient times, Olous was one of the most prominent trading centres on the island. It was so powerful it had its own kind and currency.

Spinalonga (“Long Thorne”) Island

This island has a pretty interesting history — it used to be a leper colony, salt harvesting location, and a protector of the ancient Olous port against the many raiders from the sea. The most intriguing aspect of Spinalonga is the leper colony's role it played 1903-1957 after the Greeks threw out the Turks from this tiny island. For many years, even decades, what went on the island during those bleak years, until 2007 when Victoria Hislop wrote a moving historical novel set on Spinalonga. The novel won many awards and sparked a vital interest in this island's life, revamping it into a sought-after tourist destination.

Spinalonga Island Crete

Elounda Beaches

Elounda was truly blessed with an incredible, sapphire-colored sea and the turquoise sky above it. There’s no shortage of beaches and bays for its visitors to enjoy and escape the madness of everyday life. The most well known is the eponymous Elounda Beach, offering shallow, peaceful waters and quiet surroundings.

Grab a bite

Tourism in Elounda is discreet but to the highest of standards. Numerous highly-positioned guests from both the rest of Greece and worldwide frequent Elounda regularly — and that is no coincidence. Because of the pickiness and high standards these distinguished guests bring, one thing is valid for Elounda's eateries — you can not go wrong in choosing where to eat.

You will be amazed at the quality of service, staff attitude, wide wine selection, and the level of the cuisine offered. Insanely tasty yet nutritious and healthy, Cretan dishes offered in Elounda are elevated and elegant. Why don’t you sit down with your date in a seafront restaurant, order a bottle of Cretan wine, and some freshly prepared seafood deliciousness during the warm island night?

Life can not get any better than that. Make sure you reach Elounda quickly and in a stress-free manner.

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