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Welcome to Heraklion, the vibrant Cretan capital city always brimming with life, people, and laughter.

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Heraklion, in addition to being Crete’s largest city, is the very first landing point for most visitors and gateway to the rest of the island.

Heraklion is often described as charming, picturesque, distinctively Mediterranean and Greek to the core (largely thanks to the gorgeous waterfront area of the city.)

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Many foreign invaders conquered and ruled the city, but never the proud spirit of the local people. They still, in a typical Greek hospitable manner, go out of their way to help out their many guests.

They will gladly point you out to the best bougatsa (mouthwatering Cretan phyllo pastry) place, coffee shop or a taverna, even when they don’t speak your language.

Heraklion has a lot to offer, but it has one downside.

You’ll notice it as soon as you arrive.

It’s the airport.

Heraklion Airport Transfers

Due to the constant influx of tourists, Heraklion airport can be extremely crowded and hectic -- especially if you are departing the airport and heading to the city.

Sunrise at Heraklion Airport

Long waiting queues for taxis are no fun, especially if you’re traveling with children, bringing lots of luggage or are sensitive to high temperatures (and arriving in summer).

This is where we step in.

Book a taxi via a quick phone call or email us with “Taxi Heraklion Airport” subject line and secure a vehicle that will get you to your accommodation in a heartbeat.

Taxi Heraklion Pricelist

Destination Price Time Distance  
  Heraklion Town€3610 min4.3 km
  Malia€4527 min32.1 km
  Chersonissos€3623 min27.9 km
  Stalida€4225 min29.9 km
  Elounda€7460 min67.4 km
  Plaka - Elounda€7868 min72.3 km
  Agia Galini€9075 min74.5 km
  Agia Marina - Chania€155125 min149 km
  Agia Pelagia€3626 min25.3 km
  Agios Nikolaos€7049 min59.8 km
  Almyrida€125109 min127 km
  Amnissos€367 min5.6 km
  Ammoudara - Heraklion€3613 min10.4 km
  Ammoudara - Agios Nikolaos€7254 min64 km
  Analipsis€3618 min18.9 km
  Anissaras€3622 min22.4 km
  Bali€6548 min52.8 km
  Chania Airport (CHQ)€170128 min149 km
  Chania Town€165122 min142 km
  Ferma€11590 min104 km
  Fodele€4529 min32.2 km
  Fragkokastello€160138 min134 km
  Georgioupolis€10086 min103 km
  Gouves€3613 min15.4 km
  Ierapetra€10080 min93.3 km
  Istron€8055 min70.7 km
  Karteros€367 min5.8 km
  Kissamos - Kastelli Kissamou€190142 min175 km
  Kokkini Hani€3611 min9.9 km
  Kolymbari€165130 min162 km
  Koutouloufari€3624 min26.7 km
  Koutsounari€11589 min102 km
  Koutsouras€125102 min115 km
  Lentas€8577 min70.8 km
  Lygaria€3634 min23.5 km
  Makrigialos€120106 min118 km
  Maleme€155131 min157 km
  Matala€8062 min66 km
  Milatos€6041 min44.6 km
  Mochlos€10585 min94.9 km
  Palekastro€155137 min143 km
  Panormos€7052 min60.7 km
  Paleochora€215851 min209 km
  Piskopiano€3519 min23.3 km
  Plakias€105107 min114 km
  Platanias - Chania€165125 min154 km
  Platanias - Rethymno€8262 min76.9 km
  Rethymno Town€8568 min80.5 km
  Chora Sfakion€170138 min146 km
  Sissi€5033 min40.6 km
  Sitia Town€150120 min126 km
  Skaleta€8057 min69.4 km
  Heraklion Port€3510 min4 km
  Souda Port€0116 min135 km
  Gournes€3613 min12 km
  Agios Nikolaos - Port€7050 min61 km
  Agia Fotia€10589 min106 km
  Sitia Airport€150115 min126 km
  Sitia Port€150118 min129 km
  Pitsidia€8054 min62 km
  Kalamaki - South Crete€8859 min65 km
  Atsipopoulo€8570 min87 km
  Gerani - Rethymno€9073 min90 km
  Armeni€8573 min91 km
  Gerani - Chania€165118 min153 km
  Sougia€210192 min198 km
  Adelianos Kampos - Adele€8262 min75 km
  Kalyves€0100 min123 km
  Sfakaki€8261 min72.7 km
  Rodakino€155120 min125 km
  Agios Pavlos€110102 min95.5 km
  Rethymno Port€8574 min82.3 km
  Agioi Apostoloi€160135 min144 km
  Mires€7544 min50 km
  Triopetra€125109 min102 km
  Vathi - Daios Cove€8060 min67 km
  Fallasarna€250170 min190 km
  Elafonissi€250190 min211 km

Luckily, a taxi ride from the Heraklion airport to the city is a short one — the distance is only 3 km (or roughly 5 minutes).

That means that if you order a taxi with us at Best Transfers Crete you can hop in the taxi as soon as you collect your luggage and head straight to your apartment or a hotel.

In less than half an hour, you could be sipping coffee (or a cocktail!), or tucking into the mouthwatering Greek dishes in one of the myriad small charming restaurants scattered around the Old City.

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  • Enjoy an affordable, pleasant and 100% trustworthy transfer from Heraklion airport to a number of locations around Crete
  • Sit back and enjoy chatting with our carefully-picked driver in English (or other major world language - with prior arrangement) who will let you in on the insider info of the hidden gems of Crete
  • Avoid dealing with unethical taxi drivers to whom you are just a tourist (at best) and a walking ATM (at worst)
  • Whatever demand you have, we got you covered with our 24/7, 365 days/year customer service

Why Book Your Transfer Heraklion Service With Us?

Vibrant. Historically significant and rich in history, yet modern. The center of activity on the island. Heraklion has a wealth of sights, activities and adventures to offer to its guests.

Heraklion Beaches

Though Heraklion is not a synonym for gorgeous turquoise beaches (characteristic for the rest of the island), several high-quality beaches are in the proximity of the city and a short ride away.

Our choice?

Matala Beach (67 km SW of Heraklion), Agia Pelagia (24 km NW from Heraklion), Malia Beach (36 km East of Heraklion), and Tobruk (only 10 km East of the city), are some of them.

Book your “taxi transfer Heraklion” service at Best Transfers Crete and enjoy catching tan, playing watersports and relaxing fully on one of these beauties.

Palace of Knossos

The no.1 place to visit on Crete, plain and simple.

Unmissable and unthinkable not to see if you love any of the following: art, culture, classic Greece, myths, architecture and history.

Knossos Palace

“Europe’s oldest city”, the ancient heart of Minoan civilization is a short (around seven minutes long) taxi ride from Heraklion and an absolute must-see for all visitors of Crete.

The Palace is one of the oldest structures of the ancient world and the birthplace of the myth of Minotaur - half-man and half-bull living in intricate labyrinth constructed meticulously to hold him in.

Ponder the life of ancient Greeks while you examine the ruins of this, perhaps most significant, settlement from the Bronze Age, dating 1800 years B.C.

Old Town, Loggia and Koules Fortress

The heart of this port city and its historic center, Old Town is leaning on the city Harbour and is incessantly charming and full of life.

If features famous spots, like City Hall (Loggia) -- qualified by many as the most beautiful building in Heraklion

Found on the western pier of Heraklion harbour lies another landmark -- the two-tier Koules Fortress (formerly known as Rocca al Mare), which served to protect the harbour and city (of great strategic importance in the region), but also as a prison for Cretan rebels.

Dating from the Venetian era, the Loggia is considered one of the most elegant architectural monuments of the Venetian period, a representative example of the Palladian style.

Cathedral Agios Minas - Built in the mid 19th century, Agios Minas is one of the largest cathedrals in Greece with a capacity of around 8,000 people.

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