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Scenic, charming and picturesque — welcome to Rethymno, the capital of the eponymous prefecture on the western side of Crete. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in all of Greece, it prides itself with abundant and unique cultural and historical heritage.

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Its architecture, largely influenced by the Venetian conquerors, is well-preserved, exquisite and breath-taking.

Rethymno Airport Transfers

Conveniently located an hour away from Chania and an hour away from Heraklion, Rethymno is quickly reachable from both cities. Be warned - Heraklion and Chania are the two main entry points for most tourists arriving on Crete. Both of these major Cretan airports can be hectic, with long queues for public transport (coach buses) and on-the-spot taxi transfer. It gets especially chaotic during the summer, with scorching Cretan heat and many visitors arriving, scrambling to catch a ride to their final island destination.

Don’t worry.

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Taxi Rethymno Pricelist

Destination Price Time Distance  
  Heraklion Airport (HER)€8568 min80.5 km
  Chania Airport (CHQ)€072 min70.3 km
  Heraklion Port€8073 min77.8 km
  Heraklion Town€8075 min78.4 km
  Chania Town€065 min64.9 km
  Agia Marina - Chania€090 min78 km
  Agioi Apostoloi€033 min25 km
  Platanias - Chania€0120 min117 km

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Taxi Rethymno

Rethymno features many landmarks and places of interest, including castles, monasteries and Venetian villages. The city itself is abundant in beaches, making it a perfect spot for the water sports lovers. Multiple cultures — Minoan, Roman, Hellenistic and Byzantine have left their mark on Rethymno, resulting in a unique multicultural blend.

Book a taxi transfer to any one of the places we listed for you below. And, remember — there’s so much more to explore in Rethymno!

Landmarks and Places of Interest

Old Town

East (Turkish influence) meets West (Venetian influence). Narrow streets and the mixed scent of the sea and the flowers will delight you as soon as you start exploring the city. Grab a healthy Greek meal, glass of wine or a cup of coffee in one of the myriad cafes and tavernas scattered around the Old Town and savor every moment. Be sure to visit one of the traditional arts and crafts stores and buy directly from the local artisans. (Some of them have been honing their artisanal skills for decades.)

Old venetian harbor or Rethymno

Souvenirs, gifts, hand-made, natural cosmetics, pottery and jewellery — there’s something for everyone. Even if you decide not to buy anything, you can take dozens of Insta-worthy photos, capturing the charm of the Old Town that will make your friends and family envy you. (Or visit Retymno themselves.)


Rethymno beaches are of the city’s most prized assets. Some of the well-known beaches in the city’s vicinity are Preveli, Kalypso, Bali and Klisidi. But there are many more, easily accessible on foot or by our taxi Rethymno service.

Biotopoi Natural Park

Luscious nature, colors and smells of the Mediterranean, an ecosystem of its own— that is Biotopoi Natural Park in a nutshell. There’s no better place on the island to experience Cretan wildlife, its unique flora and fauna. Inhale the scent or aromatic Mediterranean herbs, feast your eyes on vibrant flower colors and many shades of greenery. Observe iguanas and other animals in their natural habitat merely 1.5 kilometres away from the seafront.


Around 800 caves can be found around Rethymno, all of them holding an outstanding archaeological and cultural value to the Greek people. Perhaps the most famed cave is Idaion Andron, found at the 1.5 kilometre height on Psiloritis Mountain. Idaion Andron is the mythical birthplace of Zeus, the head god and central figure in classical Greek Mythology. Known as “Bethlehem on antiquity”, this place is an absolute must-visit for all the Rethymno guests!

Venetian Fortress (Fortezza)

Rethymno City Crete

This monumental fortification complex was made in the 16th century to protect the local people from the Turks, and it has been successfully and tastefully restored. One of the best places to watch the sunset with someone you care about in the city.

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