How to get from Heraklion airport to Sissi?

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How to get from Heraklion airport to Sissi?

If you are visiting Crete and do not want to miss out on a blend of both mountains and sea, then Sissi is the place to be. It is a small traditional Island located 32 kilometres from Heraklion airport and 6 Kilometres northwest of Vrachasi.

Sissi caters to all, even those who are travelling on a budget. The coast of Sissi has many hotels, apartments, well-equipped Resorts, and hostels on a budget. So, if you are on a budget and are planning long walks by the sea or just sitting and observing nature in the mountains, then make sure you visit the beautiful town of Sissi.

How do I Get a Taxi from Heraklion Airport to Sissi? 

Getting a taxi or private transfer from Heraklion Airport to Sissi is a much better option. There are numerous reasons why you should catch a taxi. One of the reasons why you should pre-book a taxi is to put your worrying at ease. When you land, you will be more connected to your beautiful surroundings rather than being focused on hiring a vehicle. Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, there is something about the luxury of booking an airport transfer that you just shouldn’t miss. Our company offers premium quality taxi services to make your journey relaxing. Moreover, drivers will hold a sign board with your name so that it’s easier for you to spot and recognize them at the arrivals. We put in great effort in keeping the cars clean and comfortable. And let’s not forget how saving time can be an added benefit.

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How much does a taxi cost from Heraklion Airport to Sissi?

The cost of booking a vehicle can depend on the type of car you book. A vehicle that can accommodate 1-4 passengers will cost you 35.20€, whereas a premium car can cost you around 38.50€. In case of cancellation, your prepaid money will be refunded without any deductions; this is not common among taxi services. Furthermore, you will find our taxi drivers courteous with friendly personalities, making your transfers enjoyable and relaxing.

Sandy Beach in Sissi Village

How Do I Get a Bus from Heraklion Airport to Sissi?

Once you land at the airport, you will find the Heraklion Bus station right outside on your left. Buying tickets is really easy, too; all you have to do is use the nearby kiosk. Luckily, you can catch a local bus every half hour from 6:00 am to 12:00 am.

While this may sound like a great deal, getting a bus from Heraklion Airport can be a task. Although this is the cheapest commuting method, it is not hassle-free. With luggage to take care of and the exhaustion of the flight, it can become bothersome to buy tickets and wait for the bus. Buying tickets may also mean standing in a long queue. This can become a stress-inducing situation, especially when the entire purpose of your trip is to relax. Moreover, if you are travelling with children, taking the bus is a big no-no.

Getting to Sissi With Car Rental Service

Another option to travel from Heraklion Airport to Sissi is booking a rental car. Renting a car is a completely private affair. It adds convenience for international travellers. Hiring a car rental requires a licence and your credit cards, so make sure you have them before you visit any rental car company.

What is the best way to get to Sissi from Heraklion Airport?

Sissi is about a 45 minutes drive from Heraklion Airport. There are ample transportation options like taking the bus. Although this will cost you less, it involves a lot of effort. Imagine travelling with a family and a child. Now that would be something to consider when opting for a bus. While travelling, go for easier and safer choices like taxis or private transfers that are both comfortable and less tiring. It is also a good idea to prefer these options if you want to cut the time spent on commuting.


How long does it take to travel from Heraklion Airport to Sissi? 

Heraklion Airport terminal is about 32 km away, so it takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to get to Sissi. The duration depends on traffic conditions and the type of vehicle you have chosen. 

Can I Order a Taxi with a Child Seat from Heraklion Airport?

Yes, we do offer child seats with no extra charges. Children between the ages of 3 and 11 years measuring less than 135cm require a child seat to travel. You will just have to mention it in your email, and we will have it arranged.

Do I Have to Tip the Driver?

Tipping drivers is completely up to the passenger and not a requirement.

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