Is Lyft Available In Chania?

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Is Lyft Available In Chania?

Sometimes it's easier or more practical to let someone else deal with the traffic and driving woes. This concept subsequently led to the development of many iconic transportation service businesses, like Lyft, which is now a ride sharing giant. You may use the app to request a ride and be picked up by a driver nearby with the simple click of a button.

There are other apps like Uber, Gett, and Juno that compete with Lyft and are all widely used around the world. Could the same be said about these services in Chania, though?

Let’s find out!

Does Chania Use Lyft?

The short answer to the question "is Lyft available in Chania?" is "No". Despite Chania being one of the major cities in Crete, Lyft is not an option for local transportation in Chania. There are a lot of people that would really benefit from this, and given that the city hosts a large number of tourists each year, it's pretty disappointing. However, Chania also offers several other transportation services and options, the most common being rental cars, taxis, buses, and private transfers.

Private Car Transfers in Chania

You may always schedule a Crete airport transfer if you'd like to unwind while someone else drives. If you're going in a large group or with a lot of luggage, this is definitely the best solution you have in the absence of Lyft. You will be picked up at the airport and transported in luxury and class to your destination with a private transfer. You will also be relieved of the hassle of attempting to find a taxi or finding your way through the city on your own.

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Riding a Taxi in Chania

As with any other city in Crete, taxis are a popular form of transportation in Chania. You can find taxis all around the city, and they are relatively easy to hail. If you're looking to take a taxi, it's best to try and find one that is parked in a designated taxi stand. These are usually located near busy areas such as the airport, port, or major hotels. Taxis in Chania are metered, so the price you end up paying will depend on how far you're going. This is a good option for any last-minute traveling plans when you do not want to wait for a bus.

Chania Bus System

A fantastic alternative for getting about the city is the bus system in Chania. You may go to most locations in the city on the buses, which operate regularly. Additionally, they are relatively inexpensive, so if you're on a tight budget, taking the bus can be a good option. The Central Chania Bus Station is located in the heart of Chania Town, close to the Old Zone, at the intersection of Kydonias and Kelaidias Streets.

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